About Us

Gold Star Communications dba Mobile Billboards is a medium size company. We are large enough to get your job done and small enough to know your first name.

We manufacture the billboard trailers in house to guaranty quality and have the capability to customize any order.
We have a graphic design and printing service and can supply your finished banners.

Mobile billboards are not a new concept, but with today’s printing and fabrication technology we bring you a very cost effective way to stand out from the competition.
Our clean designs look good without distracting from your message.

The back lighted design keeps it working 24 hours a day in a clean and attractive manner.

Billboard trailers are fun, easy and affordable allowing you to do what you do better than anyone else sell your products and services and creating an image that stands out in the crowd.

Look at other mobile billboard sites see why mobile billboards work. Look at what they charge then call our friendly sales and design staff to get billboards working for you.