We recently produced and presented our 24th murder mystery fund raiser in five years. The difference this time was advertising it on our billboard trailer. We moved it to various locations in town. In front of busy restaurants, the Wal-mart parking lot, etc.

We sold out of tickets a week before the event, which has never happened before. We made arrangements for extra space, added tickets, and sold out again. This was the most financially successful murder mystery fund raiser we have ever presented. I believe that is directly attributable to the trailer. Everybody in town was talking about it.


Jeff Schuman,
Executive Director
Deep Fork Community Action, Inc.
Okmulgee, Oklahoma

The Mobile Billboards have been a great way to let old and new customers know we are growing and what services we offer.

Andy Post President
Post Communications

The mobile billboard trailers have been a great way to get a physical presents in a new area we want to expand. “The impact these mobile billboards have when being towed all over town is just what we needed. “Mobile billboards are getting the attention when and were we want to be.

Howard Forte – General Sales Manager
Coos Bay Toyota

My company is growing in these slow times because We are leaders and trendsetter and We know better than anyone else what to put in front of my customers and with mobile billboard trailers I have found a very effective way to get it there.

Kent Huey – Vice President
Marketing Western Beverage Co.