Large Vinyl Banners

Oct 14, 2014 | Banners & Frames

We Offer Large Vinyl Banners at Higher Quality and Lower Prices


Our modular banner frame and large vinyl banner covers a empty mall store front. large_vinyl_banners-2 large_vinyl_banners-1

We also offer:

  • Seamless front-lit: Seamless front-lit vinyl up to 16 feet tall by any length;
  • Seamless back-lit: Seamless back-lit vinyl up to 16 feet tall by any length;
  • Matte vinyl: Matte finish is a flat look – not shiny;
  • Meshflex: Meshflex has small holes in the material, and looks similar to a screen. This works in windy areas, but does not offer the high resolution as standard vinyl;
  • Cloth canvas: Cloth canvas is a lightweight canvas. It prints with a low shine like the matte look;
  • All vinyl banners have heat seamed edges;
  • For attachment, we offer gromments or pockets.



We print full color, 360dpi on 13oz flex vinyl as our standard substrate